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So I finally got around to recreating Usagiโ€™s bedspread pattern. There are already a lot of really great recreations out there for this pattern, but I am a crazy perfectionist and none of them were quite accurate enough for me. Plus I just wanted to recreate it myself for use on future craft projects.ย 

(It turns out thereโ€™s no true master pattern. After a lot of research, it seems the animators just free drew her sheets every time, because it always looks different in every screen shot)

The first image is what I made after staring at screen shots, which include the outlines on all the little elements. However, I tend to have a cut-paper style to everything I do, so I made the art line-less in the second image and the wallpaper sized third image. :3

The pattern was made at 2โ€™ x 2โ€™ย dimensions, so Itโ€™ll be nice and big for printing on fabric!

The source for this particular version of the pattern is here.

Thanks girlsbydaylight for the help! <3

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